Getting started with meditation


Meditation is a simple practice, but this simplicity can take some getting used to!

If you wish to discover the world of meditation, the most important thing is to give it a go. Set aside a time in the day and feel you are giving yourself a new opportunity to discover the inner peace that we all have deep within.

“If you want to simplify your life, meditation is the answer. If you want to fulfil your life, meditation is the answer. If you want to have joy and offer joy to the world at large, then meditation is the only answer.”  – Sri Chinmoy

You need very little to practice meditation. You don’t need money, status or good fortune. All you need is the sincerity to sit and be still. However, some things will help as you begin to learn how to meditate.

  • Find a quiet spot, somewhere where you will not be disturbed. Don’t worry if you can’t find the perfect spot. You don’t need a Himalayan cave in order to meditate. But if possible, keep a corner of your room solely for meditation.
  • You can set up your meditation area with a candle and a flower and perhaps light some incense to create a nice environment. This will help you to switch off from your daily routine and give a subtle reminder that you are entering into the peace of meditation.
  • If possible, have a shower or wash your face with cold water. It will refresh you and help you get rid of the day’s vibrations. It is hard to meditate if we feel sleepy!
  • In the beginning, it is helpful to get guidance and inspiration to meditate from books or other people who also meditate. That is why attending a meditation course, where you can meditate with others will give a big boost to your meditation.

  • A very effective exercise is simply to watch your breathing. By observing your breath, you give yourself something to focus on that will take you out of the usual thought-train of the mind. Also, if you allow your breathing to slow down and become calm and quiet, this will also have the effect of reducing the number of thoughts.
  • Don’t worry about getting the ‘perfect’ technique or even whether you are doing good meditation. Just perservere and don’t give up!