About us


The Kingston Sri Chinmoy Meditation Centre was founded in July 1991. We are a small community of like-minded seekers who come together to meditate and pursue other related activities. The Sri Chinmoy Centre is based on the teachings and philosophy of noted Spiritual Teacher, Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy was born in India in 1931 and came to the west in 1964.

Sri Chinmoy visited Canada on numerous occasions to offer concerts of peaceful music, lectures and meet with people from all backgrounds.

“Spirituality is man’s conscious longing for God. Spirituality tells us that God, who is unknowable today, will tomorrow become knowable and, the day after, will become totally known.”

– Sri Chinmoy

As well as free meditation classes, we also offer other activities for members of the general public. These include.

Peace Run

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run visits Kingston.

6-Hour Race

In Kingston, we promote a 6 hour Race on behalf of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.


Concerts of Sri Chinmoy’s Music

Sangit Surabhi, a female music group based in Canada who perform the songs of Sri Chinmoy.